How does Dries Van Noten, noted Belgian designer known for his intricate patterns and thought provoking collections, take on the banality of office-wear? The designer's latest collection attempted to fill the blank void that men have to traverse when they go to work in corporate environments. With Silicon Valley normalizing hoodies, jeans and sneakers as acceptable office-wear, the rest of the corporate world is slowly coming around. Here, Van Noten offered up oversized shirts, short shorts with wide and boxy jackets and embroidered shirts. The final looks were, unsurprisingly, the strong pieces, hitting on Van Noten's strong points: a mix of patterns harmoniously co-existing to create supremely chic looks.

RUNWAY: Dries Van Noten SS18

Island living is on display at Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2018 runway show. Kim Jones, the men's style director, created clothes that offered plenty for the active vacationer or island resident to wear. There were rubberized shirts and pants, resembling wetsuits, while wet haired models wore bucket hats to keep the sun out of their faces. There were also a plethora of bags, from mini trunks to fannypacks, to carry all of one's stuff from sunscreen to water. Floral patterned shirts were requisite and ever present within the collection and were cut loosely fitted; the trousers were similarly cut. Vuittion, arguably, is near the top of the apex when it comes to luxury so, of course, there were exotic skinned garments to go along with your island vacation.

RUNWAY: Louis Vuitton SS18

Is Walter Van Beirendonck's latest collection as astute as an owl? Is the Belgian designer an owl whisperer? Probably to the first and most likely not to the second. Nevertheless, the designer's SS18 collection offered strong jolts of color, offbeat tailoring and quirky sportswear with fun details like a 6-six and a strong chest, should one be lacking in one or both. Though the collection had a sci-fi vibe, the wigs also offered a 70s/Bowie-esque feel that contrasted with the futuristic aspect of the collection. Meanwhile, abstract patterns and glittering shoes capped off the boisterous collection.

RUNWAY: Walter Van Beirendonck SS18

Ami's latest collection offered up laid back clothes for the man who doesn't feel the need to think too much about what he wears because everything he owns is great. There were floral printed shirts, all-denim looks, and some baggy tailored pieces that evoked a nonchalance attitude to dressing. As for the extra-long belts, a trend that's been popping up, gave each look a sexual and phallic appearance and ultimately looked quite cumbersome to wear in real life. It's also a look that mass-retailer Abercrombie & Fitch did a decade or so ago. Everything old is new again, we suppose.


A new ice age is upon us, according to Rick Owens. His dystopic Spring/Summer 2018 collection had all his hallmarks with strong references to hunters and gathers of a millenia-past. Voluminous bags attached to the hip are requisite while in search of food and/or prey while bare chests revealed the tiny frames of the models. Meanwhile, his tailored offerings were shrunken on top and voluminous on the bottom, some so lightweight, they were see through. Is global warming real? Has humanity created a situation where cataclysmic weather will usher in a new ice age? Yes and Rick Owens has a collection to offer for when the day comes when we can't try to stop or, at least, slow it down.

RUNWAY: Rick Owens SS18

What a better way to test the comfort and wearability of summer clothes than during a heatwave in Paris, a city where air conditioning in a showspace is a luxury, not a right. For Issey Miyake's latest collection, to beat the heat, one wears loose and crinkled clothing to facilitate airflow while bold pops of color reflect back the sun's rays, rather than absorb it like the color black does. There was also a zen-like vibe from the collection that befitted the striking outdoors location and complemented the collection itself.

RUNWAY: Issey Miyake SS18

There's currently a heatwave hitting Paris. Everyone is sweating, making the decision for what to wear difficult but Haider Ackermann's very strong Spring/Summer 2018 collection offered a sophisticated and sexy way to wear softly tailored clothes with great aplomb. There were striped suits in black and white, while there were more colorful options like a one button lilac suit. Most of the looks offered open shirts or no shirts at all underneath the well cut suits. As for pants, they were loose and flowy, some sagging to reveal a layer underneath, possibly underwear, possibly a pair of shorts should the weather get that unbearable. In the end, Ackermann, who took over Raf Simons' old slot on the calendar, proved he is worthy of the esteemed time slot.

RUNWAY: Haider Ackermann SS18

The beach called out to Lucien Pellat Finet as he designed his eponymous label's SS18 collection, which offered little in terms of bottoms. Instead, there were plenty of swimming briefs and other swimwear while kitschy offerings like cashmere tank tops and a cashmere beach towel added humor to the collection, as did a little swipe at Supreme and its logo, who seems to be collaborating with anyone and everyone.

RUNWAY: Lucien Pellat Finet SS18

Volume played a significant role in Y/Project's latest collection, offering up high-waisted pants, voluminous puffers tied around the waist, and proportionally askewed tailoring.

RUNWAY: Y/Project SS18